Report: Loss of engine power caused Louisa plane crash

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LOUISA, VA (WWBT) – Engine loss may be to blame for last week's deadly plane crash in Louisa. A preliminary report just released from the National Transportation Safety Board says witnesses noticed major problems with one of the engines.

A fiery crash was the aftermath, but just after take-off from the Louisa County Airport witnesses could tell the pilot was in trouble.

"It caught my eye because it was sideways wasn't flying flat. I hit the brakes and when I stopped the plane hit the ground and it just blew up," said eyewitness Herman Mallory.

"Terrifying to see something that you know somebody is not going to walk away from," said Sara Burks.

62 year-old James Youngquist was killed in the crash. The plane slammed into the ground. The explosion consumed a house on Quiet Lane. A man inside was in the basement and managed to escape out the back door.

According to the latest report from the NTSB, a witness at the Louisa Airport told investigators the plane "seemed to be running rough and not making power." Two more witnesses noticed "grayish black smoke emanating from the plane."

Investigators say there was no debris path, no damage to a surrounding tree or power line. The cock pit and the cabin were consumed by fire, but all of the plane's parts were located.

According to the report Youngquist had logged more than 2,200 hours in the air. And in the last two months had maintenance performed on the plane's right engine.

Again this is only the preliminary finding. The investigation by the NTSB is still underway and could take 6 months to a year.

Click here to view the preliminary report.

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