Child killed, two people injured in Chesterfield house fire

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - One child is now dead and his mother injured after a house fire in Chesterfield County. This unfolded on Gunsight Terrace, near Ironbridge Road.

The fire started sometime after 6 p.m. Monday. A firefighter was transported to the hospital as well with non life-threatening injuries.

It was the working smoke alarm that alerted the mother that her home was on fire. Firefighters tell us she was injured trying to resue her son. Right now the fire marshal is on scene trying to figure out how it all happened.

As neighbors were arriving home for the night they found their homes surrounded by flashing lights and fire trucks.

"When I got here, from the end of the street to past my house was all blocked off with fire vehicles and police vehicles and I mean you really couldn't see much for all the vehicles that were down here," said local resident David Bryant.

The mother was able to get out on her own. Her son had to be rescued by firefighters. Both were transported the hospital but the son did not make it.

"Just makes me wish I would have been here when it happened. I've had some firefighter training and I might have been able to help before the firefighters got here," said Bryant.

Chesterfield fire fighters believe this situation could have been prevented. They want all new homes to be built with an in house sprinkler system.

"This house here, if it would have had a residential sprinkler system there would have been no injuries. This would have been a fire that would have been simply contained and that's why we're such a big proponent. It saves live and it saves property to have a sprinkler system in the residence," said Jason Elmore, Chesterfield Fire and EMS.

"They're not a bad idea. They're just a little bit hard to install once the house is already built. It's something that probably would be a real good to put in all new homes," said Bryant.

This area of Gunsight Terrace is close until the investigation is complete.

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