D'Angelo charged with soliciting sex in New York

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - R&B star D'Angelo is making headlines yet again. This time, the Chesterfield native, is accused of paying for sex with a prostitute. We went to one of the radio stations that helped make D'Angelo famous, and fans seem to think he can clean his act up and put out new music.

R&B singer D'Angelo is in trouble with the law yet again. This time as the fans anticipate what is supposed to be the star's big comeback.

"Allegedly he was arrested for offering $40 to a prostitute which turned out to be an undercover cop," said DJ King Tutt.

The story was the main topic of conservation with fans on iPower 92.1 FM every since the story broke Monday. DJ King Tutt talked with listeners about how this will affect the singer's music career.

"I just wish the dude would come back home, get himself together and put out some music like we know he could do," said King Tutt. "Everybody doesn't know the whole situation with that. People still support him; I support him, you know what I'm saying?"

D'Angelo, whose real name is Michael Archer, released a statement hoping the public will quote allow the American justice system to resolve the matter before jumping to any conclusions, but this isn't the singer's first run in with the law.

Back in 2002 he was charged with resisting arrest after an incident where he allegedly spit at a woman at a gas station. In 2005 he was arrested for DUI and drugs. King Tutt sees only one way for the troubled star to revive his career.

"Get his mind right and surround himself around positive people that can help him to be more positive because you pretty much are who you hang with," said King Tutt.

Despite his numerous run-ins with the law, D'Angelo has never spent any time in prison. It is unlikely that even if he is found guilty in this case, that he will end up behind bars.

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