Mother of Young Kids in Van During High Speed Chase Speaks Out

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PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – The mother of those three young children who were in the backseat of a van during a high speed chase is speaking out for the first time.

Rebecca Soth's fiancé, Glenn Fuselier, was at the wheel when the vehicle wrecked. Today, she says her kids are lucky to be alive.

"I was mad.  He put my kids in danger," said Soth.

The video is dramatic. The van flips over at the conclusion of a 50 minute police chase. 19 year old Glenn Fuselier was in the driver's seat.

Three young children were strapped in the back. In the video you can see, four year old Chloe, One year old Haley, and five month old Aden, being carried away from the crash scene.

"It never should have been like that. He should not have had the kids. He should not have run.  He should have just stopped when he needed too," said Soth.

Miraculously, the kids suffered minor injuries.

"They had little scratches - like she had one on the inside of her lips and one on the bottom of her foot," Soth said.

Without asking Chloe started talking about what she remembers about the crash.

"He could have killed himself. He was bleeding everywhere bad. Very, very, very bad," said Chloe.

Investigators say Fuselier took off when police attempted to pull him over because of an expired sticker. Soth says her fiancé is a good person who made a bad decision.

"He has a big heart. I think he was really scared. He didn't want the kids taken away because I had problems in the past," said Soth.

Fuselier is a burn victim. Soth says his behavior changed a little recently because he didn't have enough money to buy medication.

"Flashbacks, waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat, screaming and crying and everything - when he's on his meds he's calm," said Soth.

Soth says even though he did wrong -- she'll stand by Fuselier. During a court appearance today on the felony child neglect charges, a judge ordered Fuselier to undergo a competency evaluation. Fuselier faces a number of other charges including attempted capital murder.

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