Check fraud scam caught by bank

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Just last week, Julie Peters got a letter in that mail that seemed like an answered prayer. The letter came with a check for nearly $4,000 claiming she had won E-Lotto North American Sweepstakes Lottery.

"Before I went to the bank I said it must be good because it says Wachovia," said Peters. "And then it got an address on it and then it got an account number and everything. Doesn't it look real to you?"

Although suspicious, Peters called the number in the letter to verify its authenticity. The person on the other end convinced her it was legit. After some encouragement from her pastor, she headed to Wachovia to open a new account and deposit the check.

"I talked with one of the customer service representatives," said Peters. "She took the check, took it back there in the back, came back and said that she had scanned it and that it was fraudulent and that this company was being investigated for fraud."

So peters called the number in the letter again.

"I said Wachovia won't cash your check because they said it's not any good. He said 'ma'am do you have a bank account?' I said 'yes I have a bank account.' 'Take it to your bank account. Take it to your bank. Take it to your bank,' that's what he said. I said 'wait a minute, I'm not taking this to my bank sir when Wachovia said y'all are under investigation for fraud.' And then he hung up the phone."

Had she deposited the check, Peters would have been responsible for the full amount when it was returned. She hopes that doesn't happen to someone else.

"There's so many people out here that done fallen upon hard times," added Peters. "And then you get somebody to play a trick on you like this?"

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