Governor McDonnell makes potholes priority in March

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT)- Thousands of potholes, across the Commonweath, give drivers a bumpy reminder -- of all the winter storms. But help, is on the way. Governor, Bob McDonnell has bumped up pothole repair, as his number one priority, for the month of March. He's calling it 'Pothole Blitz'.

For a while there, drivers just couldn't avoid them. Potholes seemed virtually everywhere. And while VDOT has been working on the repairs, there are still plenty out there.

"A lot of bumps and bumps and bumps," said Cumberland resident, Virginia Scott, about current road conditions.

Scott won't let potholes ruin her day, but she's afraid it'll ruin her car.

"I mean you get out of one right into another one and they really need to be fixed," she said.

Since the storms, VDOT received a record number of calls, close to 200 complaints, and with no more money left from storm clean up, the state is dipping into its maintenance budget of $45.8 million to patch up all the ugly potholes.

"There will have to be some cuts in other areas just to try to budget and accommodate this pothole blitz," said VDOT spokesperson, Taya Jarman.

VDOT says they don't know where the cuts will be made but right now, they're just dealing with the taxpayers immediate needs.

Richmond city's road crews are also trying to patch up as many potholes as possible. It's getting as many as 25 pothole reports a day.

"A lot of the potholes throughout the city has become a nuisance to us since we had the bad weather," said Richmond resident, Freeda Henderson.

"I'm finally glad we can put it all behind us and say ok, we've know there's been a record number of potholes and now it's over with, we're going to try our best to just make our roads stay safe and that's always been our priority," said jarman.

And there is a price for every pothole out there. Depending on size each pothole can cost anywhere between $25 to $300 dollars to repair.

If you want to report a pothole to VDOT, call 800-367-road or 7623.

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