Police seek two women in alleged robbery, abduction of man at gunpoint

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond Police are looking for two women, along with a stolen 1990 Blue Toyota Camry with license plate number XRW474. Police say those two women, robbed a man at gunpoint and then abducted him for a short time, in his car.

This bizarre crime happened on the 4600 block of Southwood Parkway. That's just off of Hull Street. It's an area where kids roam the streets, everyday.

A playground, tennis courts and more, all surrounded by several apartment buildings. The same neighborhood where police were called about a shocking crime.

"This is an unusual incident, one I haven not seen since I've been here," says Lt. Angela Greene with the Richmond Police Department.

A 34 year old man who lives along Southwood Parkway was coming home from work when he saw two women having problems with their car. The women asked the victim for help.

"The victim was attending to the females thinking he was helping them and one of the females pulled out a handgun," adds Lt. Greene.

Police say the women robbed the victim, forced him into his car and drove.

Police say it all ended on Catalina Drive, which is just a little father than a half mile away from where it all began. It ended near an elementary school.

People who live in the neighborhood where it all happened are not surprised by the crime. That's because they say crime happens all the time in the area.

"We are in a rough neighborhood, scary," says Esmael Fofana. "Scary. Very scary in this neighborhood. Very, very scary." He's lived in the neighborhood since 2002, but is soon to be leaving.

"If I explain this to my wife, she will start packing right now. She'd say we got to get out of here because there is so much going on," says Fofana.

"Unfortunately for the Southwood Community, we've had some violence from the community but we'd had some reductions," adds Lt. Greene.

While police can not say this type of crime won't happen here again, they do not want you to worry about helping someone out in need.

"Always go with your gut feeling and if you feel something is not right, do not approach the people. If you think anything is suspicious, always call us," adds Lt. Greene.

"Humans can do anything. They try different strategies. If that doesn't work, they go to plan A, B, C, D," adds Fofana.

Call the Richmond Police Department at 646-5112 if you noticed anything suspicious on Monday evening around 11 p.m. when this crime happened.

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