Major traffic signal work underway on Hull Street

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A major traffic signal, safety and revitalization project is underway in Richmond. The city is replacing some of the traffic lights along Hull Street between 7th and 15th Street. It's a project many are in favor of, but some are against it.

Sometimes driving down parts of Hull Street, you just completely miss the traffic signals. But, things will soon be changing.

Mitchell Washington knows the lights on the side of the road make walking around pretty dangerous.

"Oh, a lot of accidents. I see them once every two months back to back," exclaims Mitchell Washington.

He's not alone. "It's scary you know because you never know who they are going to hit and people just need to be careful," says Patricia Clemens.

They, along with many other people, check and double-check before venturing out into the crosswalk.

"I take my time, look both ways and look again just to make extra sure because there is a lot of people out here who can't drive," says Washington.

But soon, your walk may not be so nerve-racking. The city is spending $421,000 in state grants to improve the safety here.

Soon, you'll see most of the side lights between 7th and 15th Streets disappear. Traffic arms with new traffic signals will appear over the roads. Also, new cross walk signals will dot the sidewalks.

Speaking of sidewalks, they'll get an upgrade too and so will the crosswalks.

But some people like James Thompson aren't sold on the project. "Come on now! You can see the light turn green or red, you know when to walk," says James Thompson.

Others disagree. Saying it all boils down to this: safety. "Yeah, they need to be replaced so people will stop running the lights," says Patricia.

The work along Hull Street is scheduled to be completed by mid-January of 2011. There are other projects like this going on in the city right now, as well.

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