Fort Lee Quartermaster group deploys to Middle East

FORT LEE, VA (WWBT) - There were plenty of hugs and kisses given out at Fort Lee Saturday.

Families of the 49th Quartermaster Group said goodbye to their loved ones as the soldiers prepared to deploy to Afghanistan.

It was a proud moment for these soldiers who stood in salute to their country.

But in the stands the proud moment was also met with tears.

Once these soldiers deploy, they'll be gone for a year.

In the crowd, the Green family is here to bid farewell to a soldier who is a sister, a mother, and a daughter.

"It's going to be tough for the 12 months but we're definitely going to stick it out with her," said brother of deployed soldier James Green. "If she has enough courage to do this then we have enough courage to help her out."

James and his mother will now look after the two little ones and uncle James says he knows exactly how to console the kids who will be missing their mother.

"I'll tell them they're fighting for her, fighting for him, she's doing this for everybody, your friends, your family, your teachers," he said.

All around, these families who sit in silence can only hope for a safe return of their soldier.

"It's hard," said Karen Biley after seeing her husband off. "We just have to stay strong and I try to uplift him by not being sad but I just pray for his safety. I hope he gets there and comes back safe."

These soldiers will spend most of their deployment in Afghanistan.

They will be involved in providing maintenance, food, and repair supplies.

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