Giant dip on Monument Ave. under repair

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Crews will be working at least until the beginning of next week to repair a giant dip in the roadway at the intersection of Shenandoah Street and Monument Avenue in the Near West End.

The dip was likely caused by the weather, an official said.

Crews are sending a camera deep down, underground into a sewer line. It's just one of the many things they did today in order to figure out what is causing this big dip.

It sounds bad just listening to the cars go over the dip, and sitting in the drivers seat is even worse. It's one experience that can be summed up in a few words.

"It's pretty bad!" exclaims Tim Gross.

"It's a pain!" exclaims another driver.

A pain for drivers and a pain for the city. The call about the dip came in on Wednesday. At first, crews put down two steel plates to make the road passable for the morning commute.

"It's amazing to me! I understand we got budget problems and all that, but it's really bad on the commute," says Gross, who drives and lives on Monument Avenue.

The city understands that, so on Thursday morning, crews went to work early.

First, they lowered this underground camera into the sewer line. After about an hour, crews determined there was no problem with the pipe.

But, they did tell us there is a lot of water under ground that pushed down and washed away some of the gravel that is normally on top of the pipe. That caused the road to sink.

So, they called in the big equipment to dig down into the ground and eventually refill, then build back up and lay the pavement down.

It's not just this dip causing a problem, it's all the other potholes on Monument Avenue frustrating people like Tim.

"It's a combination of poor maintenance, poor preventative maintenance, plus weather issues. They just got to earmark the money and get the job done," says Gross.

In the meantime, if you're car is damaged while driving in the city by a pothole, you need to make sure you pull over and call the police non-emergency number right away. That way an officer can come out and fill out a report. Then, you need to take that report number and call the city attorney's office.

We are told, if the weather holds up, crews expect the road to have a permanent fix by the beginning of next week, but the work may go into Wednesday or Thursday.

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