Council approves sale of historic Battersea House

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – Petersburg city council voted unanimously Tuesday night to sell Battersea to the Battersea Foundation.

The Battersea Plantation House was purchased by the city more than two decades ago.

"The city didn't want to see it destroyed in anyway so that's why they purchased it," said city spokesperson, Joanne Williams.

Built in 1768, Battersea was the home of Petersburg's first mayor.

"Especially in these economic times - this is beneficial for Petersburg to find such a good partner," said Williams.

The Battersea Foundation is a non-profit that wants to restore the property to its look from the 1820's and that's not all.

"We also want to use the tenant house which is behind you with a 4 car garage for educational purposes," said Executive Director Tempy Barbru.

The foundation has already done work on the house in recent years on behalf of the city.

As owner, the Battersea Foundation qualifies for tax credits that the city doesn't qualify for as owner of the property. City leaders say they'll continue to have a hand in the future of the estate.

"If the foundation dissolves, the property would be returned to the city. If the foundation wants to sell the property the city has the right to say if they can sell and to whom," said Williams.

The Battersea Foundation says it would like to close on the home by the end of the year.

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