Olympic fever hits Richmond

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There are more big screens tuned into the opening ceremonies than there are for basketball at The Home Team Grill.

Richmond resident, Jenni Kerby is out with her friend and is thrilled to be watching, she was afraid she'd miss the festivities.

"I said hey, I don't have cable yet since I just moved in, do you think the bar down the street will turn it on so we can actually watch it, that's why we're here, because I don't have cable and I want to watch the opening ceremonies."

But perhaps women are more partial to the singing, dancing and the performance aspect in the opening ceremonies and the games. Richmond resident, Michael Sweeney has other interest.

"I don't care about the ice dancing and all that," Sweeney said. "I like the skiing and the hockey, GO USA HOCKEY," he said.

Sitting next to Sweeney at the bar, high school teacher, Adam Griffin says he's generally interested in who wins, but says there's a real divide in among his students.

"I usually find a lot of girls like the figure skating a lot of guys like the snowboarding," Griffin said.

Whatever the preference may be, there is the excitement of watching athletes compete at the highest level in their sport.

"It's amazing these people are such incredible athletes, what they have to put into it, how far they have to go to get to the Olympics and for the family that supports them too," said Kerby.

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