Northern snowstorm delay local mail delivery

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you're waiting by the mailbox for a letter from grandma or an important package and it hasn't come when you thought it would you'll have to wait a bit longer. While streets are clear here in Richmond, the winter storm up north is having an effect on how soon you get your mail.

The east coast has been hit hard by Mother Nature making traveling a nightmare. It's been just as difficult for the United States Postal Service trying to get mail to and from your mailbox and some people have started to notice.

"It's been taking longer," said Richmond resident, Carolyn Carpenter. "I'm assuming they're like everybody else, they can't get their vehicles in certain places."

The postal service delivers mail on the ground and in the air. With winter storms canceling many flights and snow covering roads, getting the mail out on time has proven to be a difficult task.

"It's a challenge," said local USPS spokesperson, Cathy Boule. "It's a definite challenge because we don't have magic carpets and we cannot fly above the elements so we are at the mercy of the transportation system."

If you're mailing out time sensitive documents it's important to get them out well before they're due because winter weather like we've seen could cause you to miss the deadline.

"Look at the time frame that you have left and consider the premium products that when the mail does get moving it will be the fastest to go out," added Boule.

And for those who are waiting, expecting important mail to arrive, postal workers urge them to be patient as they work around Mother Nature.

If you've noticed on some days you get a big batch of mail at once after a major storm, it's likely a sign that the mail is operating back to normal and the nearby hub has been cleared from the snow.

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