Where's my refund?

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The federal government is opening back up Friday after being closed all week due to two snow storms. While a closing due to snow is not out of the ordinary what effect will it have on how soon you'll receive your tax return?

"Right now we're seeing an average refund time,"said tax manager, Toby Ellison. "If you electronically file your tax return of 7 business days."

Toby Ellison is a senior tax manager at Cherry Bekaert & Holland and has noticed no difference in the time it's taken for his clients to get their refunds. Even those that have filed by mail have not been affected by the government closing.

"If you paper file and do not electronically file your tax return that is actually processed out of Kansas City."

Most other tax returns are processed in California, Texas and Georgia, places that were unaffected by recent winter weather. A spokesperson for the IRS released a statement explaining who could have to wait because of the closing. "This included some IRS taxpayer assistance centers, where taxpayers walk in for form various tax services. Some Virginia taxpayer assistance centers will open for extended services, weather permitting, on Saturday, February 20.

The IRS encourages everyone to file electronically so no matter what the weather, you won't have any problems getting your refund.

For help filing your tax return electronically go to www.irs.gov

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