Homeowner says power lines damaged house

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A Richmond homeowner called 12 On Your Side for help solving an on-going dispute with Dominion Virginia Power over damages to his house.

It's a disagreement over what caused the damage basically. The power company says it has worked carefully and responsively with the home owner, and blames the condition of the property. The home owner says a company device, is to blame.

Wayne Muma climbed high to show us damage to his home; he wants Dominion Virginia Power to fix.

"The gutter has come off and  ... A lot of the roofing has come off too," said Muma. "The water is getting in here, going down into the side of the house."

The back wall of his house has pulled away several inches. He believes the culprit is a device, called a cathead. It connects Dominion's power lines to his home.

"The siding has been messed up because of them," he said.

The company won't pay and denies liability -- still it disconnected the original device that was pulling and installed a new one in a different spot. Wayne believes Dominion installed it, and should repair the damage.

"The damage keeps getting worst and I would love to have something done to it to make it look a lot better," said Wayne. "I called VA Power and tried to get them to take care of it. Things are not working out that way."

Dominion says it did Wayne a favor, moving the device to a solid spot, so he can continue to have service. It blames aging boards and rot from siding that was not properly installed.

The power company says it will continue to work with Mr. Muma, and it's willing to come back out and move the device after the home repairs are done. The home owner says he's considering filing a formal complaint with the state corporation commission.

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