Major pothole repairs underway on Shockoe Valley Bridge

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- A traffic alert for you this evening rush hour. Crews are working on pothole repair on Interstate 64 Westbound in and around the Shockoe Valley Bridge. Right now, the roadway is down to only one lane and it will be like that through 9 p.m. Thursday evening.

All it takes is just one simple drive over the Shockoe Valley Bridge and all you see is potholes. But now, things are about to change.

For drivers hitting this bridge, it only takes two words to describe the drive: "bumpy ride!" exclaims Clinton Pitts.

That's something Donald Purdie experienced this morning, his first trip on the Shockoe Valley Bridge. "It was just like going on a gravel road, that's what it felt like," says Donald.

At this hour, VDOT is working to turn that gravel feeling, into a smoother ride. It is temporarily fixing the pot holes that are becoming extremely difficult to dodge.

"Any person can tell you there is a significant number of potholes in our area and there's nothing we can do to prevent that," says Taya Jarman, with VDOT.

You can blame mother nature for making the problem even worse. All the snow we've received this winter, along with all the chemicals road crews put on the road, is turning many roads into giant holes.

"Bridges and over passes don't contract like the normal pavement and this is why you're seeing more potholes on bridges and over passes," adds Jarman.

"It's something that can distract you while you're driving," adds Pitts.

The work here was already pushed back because of the weather. VDOT calls the work here, "essential", but not an emergency. Once the weather warms up, a permanent fix will be used for the potholes.

The one bright spot is that VDOT can schedule as much interstate pot hole repair as needed, without having to fork over additional money. That's because these contractors are paid one, monthly lump sum.

"Their goal is to keep our roads safe and whether it's plowing two feet of snow or filling potholes, that's already lumped into their normal maintenance contract," says Jarman.

It's a goal that old and new drivers hope is easily reached. "Any repair to eliminate the badness of the roads is a good thing!" says Jarman.

Now, you need to be on the lookout for more work in the coming weeks and months, as VDOT works to get all the potholes temporarily repaired.

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