February 11: Restaurant Report

By Heather Sullivan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - While a restaurant was upgrading, it made some upgrades to appliances, too, after getting some critical violations on a state health inspection.

It's a mosaic of what they call "fresh, local, comfortable" dining at Mosaic Café and Catering at 6229 River Road in Henrico. Said Mosaic general manager Jeffrey Weaver, "We like to serve really healthy food. We're going to generate a good public following with that."

After a remodel, Mosaic now offers full service dinner and lunch, not to mention catering. Weaver showed us a dessert platter, "It's handmade pound cake and some fresh strawberries."

Weaver says they kept the remodel going after getting 4 critical violations on a state health inspection, including that several plates were not thoroughly clean on the line to be used for customers. Said Weaver, "We took it to the next level and just went ahead and purchased a brand new dish machine and there have been no issues since. It's been a big help for us."

He says they also bought new cutting boards, re-plumbed the sink at the bar, and bought a new cooler to keep foods at the right temperature. "Our owners really wanted to do what was correct and they went out and got a brand new unit. It wasn't cheap, but we did what we had to do. No problems ever since," said Weaver.

Weaver says all violations have been corrected.

Also in Henrico, Arby's at 5205 Brook Road had 4 critical violations. The report says parts of the slicer were found with a tarry substance. All violations were corrected for a perfect score on a follow-up inspection.

The Restaurant Company/Arby's sent us the following statement, "We acknowledge the inspection that took place in January and immediately corrected all critical violations. We appreciate the Virginia Health Department bringing this to our attention. We have taken the appropriate measures to ensure that this doesn't happen again."

Moving to Chesterfield, Chan's Asia Bistro at 7060 Commons Plaza had 6 critical violations. The report says an employee was observed washing food containers without soap or sanitizer. Chan's had one critical violation in a follow-up inspection. We contacted Chan's but have not received a response.

In Richmond, Chinatown Express at 122 West Brookland Park Boulevard had 4 critical violations. The inspector noted that several plastic food containers, butcher knives, and utensils were observed soiled. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

Welcome to this week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame winner, Azizais, a Lebanese inspired restaurant at 2110 East Main Street in Richmond. It has earned perfect scores on all four of it's health inspections over the last year.

Said manager Billy Fallen, "It's very important. Our kitchen is very open, the restaurant is very open, so cleanliness is imperative to whole well being of the restaurant."

Azizais was named for the family's grandmother, who also used to have a restaurant in Shockoe Bottom.

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