DC gets record snowfall

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

WASHINGTON, DC (WWBT) - Twin blizzards in Washington, DC are now in the record books.

Tons of snow, high winds and cold temperatures created a winter whiteout. And now it's time to clean it all up.

Snow-maggedon has blown through and left behind a multi-million dollar mess. And one delegate is asking President Obama to declare a federal emergency to help DC recover from the record snowfall.

The storm was so bad, it even forced plows to stop working. They'll be back to work Thursday morning.

But people who work in the federal government won't.

It's a fourth straight snow day. Schools and city offices are also closed. And while the snow was coming down, some brave souls dared to venture out, using skis to navigate through the mess.

This is the "snowiest" winter on record. And there's no end in sight. Forecaster are eyeing a third storm that could be brewing next week.

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