Wilder defends editorial calling for Kaine to step down

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

Democrats across the country are reacting to former Governor Doug Wilder's call for Tim Kaine to be removed as Democratic National Committee Chairman.  Wilder is never afraid to share his opinion and in this case he felt the situation was so grave at the DNC  that he had to speak out, regardless of what his fellow Democrats think.

The scathing editorial, splashed on the front page of the popular web site Politico did not mince words. Doug Wilder, a self-described friend of Tim Kaine, feels his fellow former governor is not up the job as DNC chair.

"Tim Kaine has been there for a period of time to show what he could do and it hasn't been productive," said Wilder. "And a lot of people are saying privately, what I am saying publicly."

In a one on one interview, Wilder said that he likes Tim Kaine, but feels the DNC chairmanship does not fit his personality. He believes the parties losses in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts speak for themselves.

"If you had a team that just kept losing and losing you'd start looking to the top"

But how big of an impact does Wilder's opinion still have? Many democrats see his cozy relationship with Virginia's new Republican Governor Bob McDonnell and wonder just whose team he is on.

When asked how he would respond to people who believe he shouldn't have so much influence, Wilder simply says, "My time will never pass."

Democratic leaders are politely rejecting Wilder's call. The DNC's communication director Brad Woodhouse said in a statement that the party "respectfully disagrees with his analysis and conclusions."

To which Wilder replies:

"Now if people are satisfied with this fine! Let it alone, keep it like you got it, but don't say I didn't tell you."

And this isn't the first time wilder has gone toe to toe with the white house. During this past election cycle he rejected a direct appeal from the president to endorse Democrat Creigh Deeds.

You can see extended clips from my interview with the former governor, on our political blog- Decision Virginia.

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