Fredericksburg residents digging out from latest snow storm

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

FREDERICKSBURG, VA (WWBT)-  Main roads are clear in Fredericksburg.  VDOT is tackling neighborhood streets before the next winter storm hits.

Residents are taking it in stride.  Some have even gotten a little creative.

A snow castle is taking shape in Cory Harper's front yard.

It's a huge undertaking.

But all Harper had on this snow day was time.

"Why not have fun and build something," said Harper.

For Wink Thompson, it was more work than play.

He's getting his money's worth out of his snow blower.

"Volunteering clearing my neighbors driveways," said Thompson.

Thompson's used it more in just the last few days than in the five years he's owned it.

"I think this is my last driveway," said Thompson.

The street he lives on is another story.

"They treated it they came in with a salt and sand," said Thompson.

VDOT officials say snow crews are working around the clock to clear a safe path for drivers.

Some neighborhood roads are worse off than others.  But with 4,000 miles of roadway to plow

in the Fredericksburg area alone, VDOT says it could take one to two more days to finish the job.

A plow had just passed Chris Fillmore's house when we stopped by.

"They've been for the past couple storms they've been good it may take a day or two but they do a good job clearing off," said Fillmore.

He's ready for a break from winter weather.

"No I'm ready for 80 to 90 degree temperatures again," said Fillmore.

Fillmore's wish won't come true anytime soon with another snow storm on the horizon.

But Harper may just welcome some fresh powder.

"Maybe I'll build another one," said Harper.

VDOT crews are working in 12 hour shifts to get all the roads clear in Fredericksburg.

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