Richmond area body shops overflowing with business

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - All of this snow and ice are keeping auto body shops busy. Every snowstorm brings another bevy of battered cars -- in need of repair.

In the battle against snow and ice on the roads, the four-wheeled casualties come to places like Brown's Body Works in Chesterfield County.

Tuesday morning's rush hour snowstorm is sure to bring in a fresh batch.

"On today's snow, within the next 3-5 days we'll see a pretty big influx of business," said general manager Bill Colgate.

The problem is, they're still working on jobs from the last snowstorm. And the one before that, going all the way back to December.

It's been far from a typical winter.

"We expect to see a little increase of business, but we didn't expect to see this big of an increase in business," he said.

"Where we would normally see 10 or 12 cars in a week, we'll see 30, 40, 50 cars," Colgate said.

Most of the damage they see is relatively minor. It's the sheer numbers that have sent the repair techs scrambling.

"Puttin' in 12 hour days, trying to get caught up, and I can't get caught up! Every time I get everything done, I'm like Ahh! There's more!," said Charlie Fletcher, Jr.

Further complicating matters is the difficulty of getting parts delivered from other snowbound regions.

"The depot is in Maryland. So you can't get parts if they're buried up there," Fletcher said.

But at Brown's, it's hard to complain about all the work being sent their way.

"It is actually a pretty good time of year, and it keeps my people busy, we're keeping people employed, and really all due to the weather," Colgate said.

So as long as the snow keeps coming, the folks here will continue their work to make cars, and customers, whole again.

"They're working Saturdays, they've been here Sundays. They're going above and beyond to try to get customers their cars back, and get people's lives back on track," he said.

Colgate said the snowfall we've received already is enough to keep the shop busy for the next three to four months. At last check, they had taken in 11 cars already from the storm this morning.

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