Winter woes during snowy morning commute

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  All tolled today there were more than 150 disabled vehicles across greater Richmond Wednesday morning and more than 200 crashes.

It's hard to find anyone who likes driving in the morning rush... but certainly not when it's mush.

John Kandris said, "It was an interesting ride in to say the least."

The morning commute was quite frankly a mess. The snow stormed in during rush-hour, forcing traffic to a crawl, making motorists struggle... Even wipe-out.

Jim Sheehan said, "it was crazy. It wasn't the best weather to drive in and it was icy."

Snow plows tried to keep up, but the wild weather often won out.

Franklin Aylor said of his commute, "About 8:15 I hit 15th and Franklin, 30 minutes later we got right here. 6 blocks later. Main Street was just at a standstill."

By 10 in the morning, old man winter finally let up, but the damage on the main roads had been done.

Side streets were left waiting for the sun, and neighbors, pulled out all the stops.

Milton Barfield said "I bought (a snow blower) about a week ago and I figured well once every five years I'll use it, and I've used it twice since I bought it.

The roads are clearing up, but not clear of vivid reminders from this morning's drive.

Two state troopers, one on 1-95 in Henrico, were hit by out of control vehicles while investigating crashes. One trooper ended up in the hospital. Sgt. Thomas Molnar said drivers need to slow down. He added, "Visibility was limited (this morning). You could not see more than a couple car lengths in front of you. Yet, some motorists were driving at the posted speed limit."

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