Fast-falling snow, high winds, icy conditions made roads dangerous

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  The fast-falling snow, high winds, and icy conditions made most of the roads messy and dangerous this morning.

VDOT and state police urged people to stay off highways. But that wasn't an option for many trying to get to work.

Angie Worley lives in Caroline County, and says her commute took her about three times as long as usual.

Angie says, "I have to travel about 10 miles of secondary road before I get to a primary road.  It took me 30 minutes to get as far as it usually takes to get in 10.

Angie has a plan to stay safe and allows plenty of following distance between her car and others on the road.

From the wee hours in Henrico County to mid-morning in South Richmond: evidence of this fourth winter storm of the season was clear.

Henrico plows headed out before the sun came and a not so happy ending for this car along Jahnke road.

Most we spoke with hope this is our final major winter weather event, but we did find one opposite opinion: A man from Peru traveling through our area.

Ivan Deballe says, "it's really kind of crazy. I've never saw the snow, this is the first time.

Delballe and his family now live in Florida and were on a road trip. We caught up with him on his way back from New York.

Even though he loved seeing the snow, he knew driving in it was no easy feat.

Ivan says, "I have to continue driving slow now to get through to South Carolina so I don't get in any accidents."

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