Problem with custom order wedding ring

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A local couple wanted wedding rings to reflect their personal tastes. So they went to 'Jared', to have a jeweler custom design something special. The groom came to us, for help when that custom order didn't turn out quite right.

There are general tips to follow when custom ordering anything, especially a purchase as personal as a wedding ring. Get everything spelled out the way you want it, in a written contact -- and if there are changes or promises along the way, make sure that's written in too.

"It looked like something you got out of the candy machine...and we're paying $2,200 for this ring," said Kris Hall.

Kris Hall wanted a custom band to fit alongside his finance's engagement ring. He says 'Jared' the Galleria of Jewelry in Short Pump assured him they could do it, and within 30 days. When Kris called 12, the ring dispute had been going on 3 months. We interviewed Kris the day before the wedding.

"They've had 3 chances. We are just gonna take the ring because they won't give you your money back and we tried that the 2nd time that they messed it up," he said.

Bargain before you take the ring, says Consumer Affairs. You lose leverage otherwise.

"Check it out before you leave the store. Make sure you're happy with it and if you're not, don't take possession," said Elaine Lidholm of Virginia Consumer Affairs.

Neither Jared, the Short Pump location, nor corporate would speak with NBC12. The company answer is it cannot discuss customer information with third parties. Kris meanwhile says several errors, from a broken mold -- to a broken promise of giving them the ring at half price prompted him to call.

"He would never give me a quote; he would just say it will be half price. Half off the diamonds, half off the gold. It'll be half price. It'll be half price of what you had before," said Kris.

Kris says Jared gave him a $475 store discount, and no more.

"My finance called me the other night crying over the ring," said Kris. "The initial one was quoted to be 19 diamonds and we're at 10. The engravings on the side, don't match up. Sloppy and rushed."

For custom jobs, typically there are no refunds or returns, says Consumer Affairs. It's critical to get everything, every step of the way, in writing.

"Don't depend on a handshake or a verbal agreement," said Lidholm.

Jared has an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. It honored the contract but, not the verbal offer Kris talked about. Consumer Affairs also says for custom orders in general, know the company, and get recommendations from other people who have been customers.

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