Hanover County emergency workers in Alexandria

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – These winter storms have hit everyone hard, but in northern Virginia, many emergency resources are almost tapped out. Now several local agencies have answered the call for help. Since early this morning, emergency crews have been busy running calls in Alexandria. Hanover is helping out because their crews have been so taxed.

"If we can bring one, and somebody else can bring one, it is greatly appreciated and provides their citizens the care they need," said William Jones, Hanover Fire & EMS Battalion Chief.

With more than 2 feet of snow on the ground and an uptick in accidents and medical emergencies, it's not hard to see why Alexandria needs help. It put out a statewide request since normal partners are busy too, and Hanover County answered the call.

"We sent last night at 8:00 a medic unit with two of our paramedics and one our ambulances to run calls up there, and they started running calls at 5:55," said Jones. "They have a mutual aid agreement with Fairfax and other agencies, but as you saw, Fairfax had a collapse, they lost one of their stations, the snow caved in and damaged one of their ambulances."

Chesterfield County also responded. That department sent eight emergency workers and two ambulances. Officials say they check the forecast and their own staffing and then if they can help--they are happy to do so.

"Our roads are clear, the children have gone back to school and we are making our times again, this is a combination department here with both paid and volunteer, so we were able to send a crew up there with really no cost to our country and some of it will be supplement by Alexandria," he said.

The goal, of course, is the same; to save lives and do it quickly. And the hope is the help will at some point be reciprocated.

"I know during the hurricane, VA Beach sent us an ambulance up here because we were taxed, and its' just the same service, and we would expect the same from Alexandria and they would respond the same way that we did," said Jones.

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