Snow and ice covering cars: Dangers to yourself and others

By Matt Butner - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – While people are focused on getting their cars out of the snow, many are forgetting to clear all the snow off their cars. This can lead to a whole new set of dangers on the road.

The sun was shining Monday morning, but on I-95 snow was still causing trouble. Sgt. Thomas Molnar with state police can spot the problem easily from an overpass.

"I saw on Saturday, and yesterday, and even today, a couple days after the storm, people still had their cars covered in snow," said Molnar.

Many people ventured out on the roads for the first time Monday since the weekend's snow. And still more will do so on Tuesday.

"The headlights are the most important, especially driving around during the evening. If those are covered by any snow or ice, it's going to reduce the visibility to you and to others," said Molnar. "Your side view mirrors get clogged up with snow and ice, so when those are frozen over and you haven't taken the time to wipe the back window off of snow and ice, you have no visibility."

If you can reach the top of your car, that will help out the people driving behind you.

"When the snow and ice falls off these vehicles, it can strike another vehicle and cause damage to that vehicle," Molnar said.

In short, you want to clear off all the snow and ice from every part of your car if possible. Fortunately, most drivers get the message.

"It's very important to have your car totally cleaned off so you can be a safe driver," said driver Cynthia Hill.

So please, take those few extra minutes to brush and scrape before you drive. State police also point out that if you can't see out of your back window or side mirrors, you might be holding up an emergency vehicle responding to a call. 

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