Richmond snow removal crews tackle side streets and neighborhoods

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – In Richmond, snow removal crews tackled side streets and neighborhoods Monday. Most major roads in the city are passable, now it's preparing for the next snowfall.

The city is mapping out priority areas and making sure it has enough salt and sand. Monday, the focus was on clearing neighborhoods where there are chunks of ice and snow on the roadway.

Jason Waugh says although there are some snow patches on many side streets and neighborhoods, he's pleased with the city's efforts.

"The plows don't get bit so low when you got uneven roads - there's always going to be gaps. I think they're doing a pretty fair job," said Waugh.

That wasn't the case in late January when a storm hit. A number of residents complained --upset about how long it was taking the city to clear the roads. With this most recent winter storm the city had all hands on deck.

"We had a little more equipment than we did before. Not a tremendous amount but more equipment. We had six contract companies come in and help out," said Sharon North, Spokesperson for Richmond Department of Public Works.

Less snowfall and higher temperatures also made the city's response a bit easier.

"We weren't dealing with as much ice as we did the previous weekend which helped out. The weather was a lot more forgiving than it was before," said North.

North says the city is preparing for another round of snowfall, which is expected Tuesday.

"Making sure we have enough salt, and sand and mapping out getting to the priorities ones and twos," she said. "When people are dissatisfied we're dissatisfied too because we want the people to be pleased with what we're doing."

As for Waugh he wants the city to continue to respond quickly when Mother Nature strikes. We're told city snow removal crews are still on 12 hour shifts.

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