Pothole Patrol: Post your pothole problem spots

Pothole Patrol: Post your pothole problem spots

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 is On Your Side with the pothole problem in Central Virginia. We've gotten so many suggestions we've had to break it down by interstates, large highways, then localities.

Please take the time to post the locations of the potholes you've encountered in the comment space below.  If you've had the chance to take a photo of any potholes, you can post that as well (although please, safety first!).  You can also email your locations and/or photos to webmaster@nbc12.com -- Please put Pothole Patrol in the subject field.


I95N: just at the split before the Atlee/Elmont exit – 2 huge craters! And I95S: at Brook Road overpass – more pothole than road. - M.S.

The ramp from Broad Street to I-95 SOUTH very bad pot holes, one of these days there might be an accident. It fills with water and splashes. - S.N.

Huge pothole on SB I-95 in the right-most lane under the Lakeside Ave/Hermitage Road overpass. - M.G.

Center lane I 95 Southbound, 1/2 mile before the 64-Bryan Park interchange. Blew my front passenger side tire.  - E.N.

On I-95 Northbound just north of Belvedere there are a few large potholes scattered in the lanes, particularly on/near the bridge over Lombardy/RR tracks. - Anonymous

I-95 NB between 288 and Willis Rd in the left lane, traffic was backed up all due to a HUGE DEEP pothole in the left lane. For miles after the pothole, several cars were pulled over in the left shoulder with flat tires. - C.A.

Several of them between Gaskins and the I-95 interchange driving on 64 going to and from work. - Anonymous

The section of SB I-95 between route 10 and route 620 (Walthall) is getting worse by the day. Some have been there for weeks. - T.L.

I-95 NB between the Colonial Heights Exit and the Walthall Exit in the center lane. - R.M.

Potholes I95 South  milepost 100.9 and 98.9 before Kings Dominion. - L.H.

The exit 92 Ashland ramp from I95 north to Rt 54 West has a series of potholes where it merges onto 54 W. - P.B.

When traveling 95 Southbound, the Exit 92 (Ashland exit) is covered with them!!!! - E.R.

It's like a war zone getting off the interstate over Southside.  If going Southbound I-95 and taking the Maury street 73 exit toward Commerce Road be careful you can't avoid them it's so many. - P.W.

I95 North - Stay out of the far left lane after Exit 61 (N) and before approaching Exit 64 (N); There is a deep pothole that sneaks up on you that is very deep and you won't see it until it's too late. - G.B.


A number of pot holes on the airport exit 197A off  I-64 going East from Richmond to the Airport.  For several years there has been a seam about 2 1/2" high that runs across the entire exit just before you get onto Airport drive that needs to be ground down. - C.W.

The left turn from I-64 west bound coming off the Shockoe bridge to I-95 southbound was a group of potholes in potholes for the past  several months that I have used this route to go from Technology Park in eastern Henrico to southwestern Chesterfield County.  - C.K.

The potholes at the end of I-64 West as you exit onto 95 S are getting worse by the day.  It's the reason the traffic is so bogged down each morning.  Cars going very slow over the rough places and while trying not to damage their cars. - J.J.

Shockoe valley bridge 64 eastbound. - S.S.

I-64 West in the left-most travel lane .5 miles before the Boulevard Exit has a huge pothole.  I blew out a tire and damaged my wheel in this crater at lunch time today. - J.L.

There is a bad pothole on 64 westbound, just under the overpass for exit 193 (which I think is Nine Mile Road), in the center lane. - D.H.

We were traveling on 64E, right at the Glenside/Broad St. exit there was a huge rock (the size of a soccer ball) in the road and we hit it. - K.G.

The Eastbound and Westbound sections of I-64 between the 95 interchange and Gaskins Road. Some of the are HUGE, JAGGED gaping holes in the concrete. The center lane is almost not usable. - W.J.

Large potholes on the exit ramp from 64East to Broad St. Eastbound.  Large potholes on exit ramp from West Broad St. onto 64 West. - B.P.

Coming from the I-64 (like from the Mechanicsville exit ) merging onto I95 N (exit ramp) is ridiculous, potholes starts from the bridge though. - M.C.

I just popped my tire and cracked my new rim that was a Christmas present on I-64 west right after you pass the Laburnum exit.  Large hole in the middle lane. - K.L.


There is a large pothole on 295 S right before exit 39B in the far left lane. - H.H.

Between the Nuckols Road Exit and Staples Mill Road Exit on 295 East is terrible. The far left lane is the only reasonable lane to travel in. It is also very difficult to avoid them further up between the Woodman Road Exit and Route 1. - A.L.

There is a HUGE deep & wide pothole at the end of the Nuckols Road North Exit 51 A off of 295. - C.P.


Route 288 southbound is littered with potholes. The worst is the left lane between the Broad Street entrance and Tuckahoe Creek exit, then some more bad ones in the both lanes between the Tuckahoe Creek exit and the Patterson Ave exit. - M.B.

Rt. 288  Between 360 and Rt. 10   going east. Significant potholes...  Several cars with flat tires throughout the day. - T.S.

The Rt. 288 area up thru where you get off on Rt. 10 or Ironbridge Road has massive holes in it. - D.

288 South between Courthouse Road and Ironbridge Road. - Anonymous


Powhite Parkway heading north from Old Hundred Road until the Midlothian Turnpike entrance ramp has so many potholes I can't count them all. The steel reinforcing bars are exposed in the holes and chunks of concrete are in the lanes. - D.B.

A round and pretty deep pothole on SB 195/Powhite Parkway in the far left lane just coming off the exit of 95 and just before you go under the sign for the Cary Street Exit. You can straddle it unless you are moving into or out of that lane. - B.N.

There is a fairly large pot hole on the exit ramp of Powhite SB going onto the Midlothian Turnpike going towards Chesterfield Town Center. It's right before you have to merge over to get out of the lane that turns right onto Pinetta. - A.B.


Huge series of potholes on I-85 South from Petersburg around mile marker 58-59. Most the "craters" are in the right-hand lane. - D.S.


Traveling on Westbrook Ave. at the stoplight at Hermitage Road. While turning to the right to go into the Lakeside area, there are (2) deep potholes side by side that are almost impossible to miss. - D.C.

All of Midlothian Turnpike in the City of Richmond – from the NBC 12 station up to – "old" Cloverleaf Mall – or the County of Chesterfield! - P.H.

There are a few deep ones on P street, one between N. 29th and 30th and a series of nasty ones, clumped close enough that you hit one avoiding another, along N. 22nd street, between Q and Fairmount Ave.

3 good candidates on Attems Drive in first block of Tall Timbers subdivision (after the first curve) in Henrico County..

Very deep potholes on Hull Street at Commerce Rd. - R.C.

There is a bad pothole on Margrave Street between Clarkson and Alaska Drive. - C.J.

Gordon Ave just after you have gotten off the Maury Street exit, very busy intersecton. - C.G.

Maury street, between 16th & Jefferson Davis is horrific. - B.J.

Near the intersection of Jahnke Road and Blakemore Road in front of 7-11 and intersection of Peterburough and Sylvan in Westover Hills. - J.

There are four potholes (two large, two smaller) clustered on east-bound Jahnke Road just east of the intersection with Blakemore Road.  - M.E.

Increasingly large sinkhole at the southern edge of the street in front of 801 E. Main Street. The pavement is still intact, but has dipped very low, and the sidewalk has started to buckle into the sinkhole. - M.E.

There is a pothole on Libbie Avenue after you cross Grove going towards Cary. You have to swerve to avoid this. Not to large for now but definitely a kidney buster! - C.N.

There are many, many potholes along German School road, Richmond City, South Side. The whole road is terrible. - S.F.

Two large potholes with gas main accesses in them on Northbound Brook Rd. in the center lane.  The larger one is in front of 3511 Brook Rd. near the intersection of Brook Rd. and Confederate Ave.  The smaller one is near the intersection of Melrose Ave. and Brook Rd. - F.W.

Brookfield Gardens Apartments has major potholes on all of it's streets. These are public streets not private streets. We have potholes that you would have to see to believe. - B.G.

Corner of Hopkins and Jeff Davis in Richmond. - J.J.

Bad patch of potholes at Main and Strawberry streets and also a bad pothole turning onto Kensington Avenue from North Thompson Street. - A.H.

There is a large pothole going east @ Idlewood Ave  @  Boulevard at the light. You have to swerve to the right to avoid hitting it with your left tires. - E.A.

Potholes are all along east & west Laburnam Ave. - S.T.

Pothole on Chamberlayne Avenue at Azalea Avenue. - S.S.

5200 hundred block and the 5100 hundred block of Patterson Ave., going west.   Both westbound lanes are HORRENDOUS.  You have to pray that there are no cars parked along the side so you can use that section to navigate around the craters……very unsafe!.  - J.W.

Eastbound Monument Ave., left lane just before the bridge over the expressway.  Two large potholes along the left edge of the road in quick succession. - C.A.

Laburnum Ave. Ginter Park area. BAD, BAD, double pothole in between the 1500 and 1600 blocks of W. Laburnum Ave.,  at the end of MacArthur Ave. - Anonymous

In downtown Richmond, there's a good-sized pothole on S. 7th Street right before you cross E. Canal Street in the center lane.  It appeared a few weeks ago and was patched, but it's back again. - B.P.

Walmsley Road between Rt. 10 and Hopkins Road in the City of Richmond has several very large and very deep potholes. - S.P.

Stony Point and Evansway Lane some potholes. - C.S.

Northbound Chippenham pkwy right after Powhite exit on overpass before Forest Hill exits. Very deep pothole in concrete of overpass where it meets the pavement at the joint in the right lane. - K.S.

Sagging piece of bridge section that is sinking in the exit from the tollbox getting onto Downtown Expressway from E Byrd St in Richmond. - T.T.

On Forest Hill Ave. just after crossing Huguenot Rd. while proceeding northbound. - F.D.

Major potholes-crater on West Broad Street and North Sheppard Street. - V.

Three Chopt Road northbound between Grove and Pepper avenues.  Several potholes growing deeper and more dangerous by the day. - J.W.

There is a bad pothole in the left lane where Main Street turns into Ellwood, just past Boulevard. - E.L.

Northbound Jahnke Road, right turn lane onto Forest Hill Ave. (Eastbound) - L.S.

Westbound Forest Hill Ave. just past Roanoke St. in front of the park - there is a series of 5 or 6 with one really large one. - L.S.

Series of potholes at the intersection of Forest Hill Ave and the entrance ramp to I-195 north on the east bound side of Forest Hill. It is impossible to get onto the ramp without having to go through one or more of the potholes. - C.M.

Stony Run Rd. (East End, Fulton Bottom) Its been terrible for years. All drivers drive in the wrong lane to avoid potholes and to top that off, this road has alot of flooding, there is no place for the water to go. - D.B.

Canal Street running along beside LaDifference furniture is horrible.  Huge chunks of the road missing all the way down Canal to where it intersects with Main Street again at the incline near Canal Cruises. - J.G.

Growing pot hole at 3rd and Canal in the middle of the intersection for a while, but now it's been joined by three others  in very close proximity.  It's not far from all of them joining up to create one great big pot hole and being impossible to go around. - C.J.

German School road has huge potholes where you have to swerve unless you want to mess up your tires… there is one about every 5 feet from Midlothian to Jahnke Rd. - F.L.

There is a terrible pothole leaving Route 5 coming towards Main Street right in the curve of the right-hand lane before approaching Poe's Pub. - V.R.

There are many potholes on Maury Street that are normal. There is one rather large, very deep pothole near the swimming pool. It's a good thing I drive a large truck.
Cary Street right after you cross over the Huguenot Bridge and up through the Mary Munford Elementary School area. I hit one today and thought my car would brake in half. - G.K.

Loads of potholes on Forest Hill Avenue heading west right before light at Sheila Lane, going into Walmart and Lowes. - H.C.

There are a series of major potholes in both of the turn lanes going into the Wal-Mart and Lowe's shopping area on Forest Hill Avenue.  There are so many that you can't get around running into them.  You just have to drive really slow and cautiously. - C.W.

Deep pothole-- would flatten your tires- on Parkwook Ave (called Cumberland St. just east of this intersection), right after you cross S. Harrison Street, going west. VCU area. - H.C.

Major pothole problem at Dabney Rd. and West Clay Street. The worst ones are right when you turn on West Clay Street. - D.F.

There are two rather large potCRATERS are located at Midlothian Pothole and Covington. - M.O.

Midlothian East, beginning of ramp onto Chippenham North...HUGE pothole. Thought for sure I had popped my tire. - L.H.

Eastbound Midlothian Tpke, just past the East Coast gas station in the left hand lane, there is a monster pothole! - Anonymous

Southside has plenty of them to speak of.... mainly starting at intersection of Elkhart and Whitehead. At the top of the hill of Whitehead is very dangerous because people are trying to avoid these potholes by crossing into the middle of the street which is at the very top of the hill and also to avoid pedestrians that walk this dangerous road anyway. - C.H.

There is a combination of potholes and craters on Commerce Rd in Richmond, south at exit 69 from I-95. This road has needed re-paving for years, but the city just fills the potholes occasionally. - C.D.

HUGE pothole (probably ends up somewhere in China) on Nansemond Street in Carytown running next to the Kroger - flattened my tire before I could circle the Kroger parking lot after hitting it unexpectedly. - B.C.


Large pothole in the left turn lane from northbound Woodman on to Hungary Road. - E.B.

3 good candidates on Attems Drive in first block of Tall Timbers subdivision (after the first curve) in Henrico County. - T.I.

Terrible situation in front of Village Shopping Center going north on Three Chopt Road.  This is located at the intersection of Patterson Avenue and Three Chopt Road. - C.D.

The entire road is broken along the backside of Eastgate Blvd in Henrico. The police have placed cones in the extremely bad ones. - S.A.

River Road in front of Bridgeway Road and near 6161 River Road, there are CRATERS on the west bound side and the east bound side. - C.D.

Big pothole on the eastbound outer  lane of Hungary Road,  near Roundtree Road, east of Springfield Road. - P.M.

Spotted a large pothole on Shrader Rd. at Parham Rd. in the London Towne neighborhood in Henrico, County.  - E.M.

Huge pothole at Williamsburg Rd & Parks Rd intersection on the east end! - S.B.

Oaklawn BLVD going SW in far left lane, just before reaching 295 interchange, very bad…several potholes in a row. - S.J.

Chiappa Rd. between Webster Rd. and Jankin Lane in Sandston. - T.L.

There is a huge pothole near the Steward School @ 11600 Gayton Road, Richmond, 23238.  It is right @ the intersection of Gayton & Ryandale Road. - G.M.

Parham Rd in between Patterson and River Rd close to Montessori School, Going towards Chippenham! - Anonymous

There's a large shallow pothole at the intersection of Staples Mill and Dumbarton in Henrico. Motorists making left-hand turns either on to or off of Staples Mill are having to swerve. Westbound cars in the right-hand lane of Staples Mill can't avoid it during peak traffic. - Anonymous

Corner of Staples Mill, and Warren, Glen Allen. - D.

River Road westbound lane, right behind the River Road Shopping Center. - C.R.


Large pothole at the entrance into a neighborhood on Wadsworth Dr just off Midlothian Turnpike right at the first speed bump. - A.Y.

Winterfield road off 60 near salisbury ,heavy traffic, dangerous bumps near railroad heading toward Salisbury. - K.S.

On Stony Point Rd / Evansway Ln / Cedar Grove Rd between W Huguenot Rd and Garfield Rd there are many potholes and much of the road is rough in both directions. - M.D.

Bon Oaks Lane in between Bannon Road and McCaw Drive There is a long ripple in the middle of the road that ends with a large pothole as you get closer to McCaw Drive. - M.P.

Hull Street West exit right lane off Chippenham Pkwy. - J.W.

Aldengate Road has terrible potholes towards the end near Aldengate Terrace. - D.M.

Speeks Drive and Dumaine Drive has been temporarily fixed twice and now takes up 3/4 of the road in an intersection that has had deadly accidents. - H.C.

Drakewood Circle, potholes begin near one driveway and span out most of street… so bad they look like the road is actually buckling. - H.C.

Large pot hole at the beginning of the street on Early Settlers Road on the left side behind the early settler sign. Near the third house on the opposite side of incoming traffic. - G.J.

Southlake Boulevard off Midlothian Turnpike. When you're going south (away from Midlothian Turnpike) starting after you pass Wachovia on the left and lasting until you get to the light. - S.T.

The southbound lanes of Charter Colony Parkway starting after you cross over 288 for about 1/2 mile.  There are huge chunks of pavement missing from all areas of the road. - D.B.

The entrance of Woodlake when you are leaving Woodlake there are several pot holes. Also the back way of Woodlake where they are building the new bridge is a very bad area I am surprised they still have that road open. - M.S.


Potholes as you exit Royal Glen and Crown Colony neighborhoods in Hanover County right off 301. - S.W.

Major pothole on Wilmer Ave. just as you turn right off  of 301 or Chamberlayne Rd, heading southbound. - B.G.

There's a couple on Studley Road and also Old Church Road in Mechanicsville. - K.F.

There is an awful pothole on Coatesville Road in Hanover County just past the bridge. - J.L.


Heading west on Patterson Ave at West Creek Parkway. Pretty deep / wide pothole as you turn to entrance of West Creek Parkway. - M.W.


NB I-95 between Carson Exit 37 and the I-295 on ramp, Exit 46. The right hand lane is littered with pot holes. - M.B.

The bridge going east bound into Hopewell from Enon (Rt.10). East bound lanes on the bridge has lots of holes especially in the left lane. -B.N.

Hopewell, Route 36 Westbound- Just past the light at Wawa (Colonial Corner Drive) and before you get to the I-295 interchange there is a massive amount of potholes in the left lane.  -A.Z.

Bridge leaving Hopewell on Highway # 156 (AKA Prince George Drive), heading toward Prince George Va.  If you meet oncoming traffic, you can not avoid the holes. - B.W.

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