School delay in Richmond causes parents to scramble

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- It's back to the book in Richmond Schools, but there was a delayed opening today. That delay caused some parents to actually put on their own thinking caps this weekend to come up with plans to get their children to school.

The buses are rolling right along in Richmond, as another week of classes begins, but this one a couple of hours later than usual.

Parents like Starr Coe are dropping the kids off, as they head off into the classroom.

"They didn't want to go back to school. They wanted to play in the snow," says Starr Coe. "Thank God they are going back!"

They are back in the classrooms after having 4 days off last week.

Monday's two hour delay did not cause a problem for Coe, but the story is a little different for Etta Rose. She had to work with the parents of her 2 grandkids, to come up with a creative way to get the kids to school

"They had spent the night at my house. I live in Chester, and I had to bring them in because their parents had to work,' says Rose.

The decision to open the school doors did not come lightly. The city and school district worked together, to clear driveways in and around schools, before making the decision to open.

While many of the main roads are looking good, bus drivers had to deal with some ice on the side roads, making travel a little difficult.

"The street that I live on is not clear. So, I had a hard time getting out," says Coe.

Bus drivers took it easy this morning, going slow, leaving some just a little behind schedule.

Meanwhile grandparents like Rose are left filling in, in a time of need!"It is a hardship on parents. If I was working, then it'd be a real hardship. They'd have to find someone else."

But, of course, she's just rolling with the changes. "This is winter! What can we expect?!?!"

Possibly, more snow and more schools closed later this week. We'll just have to wait and see.

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