Cold temperatures counter VDOT anti-ice treatments

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dropping temperatures are wreaking havoc on the road conditions.

Any moisture that was on the road before the sun set Saturday has now frozen.

One by one VDOT plows hit the road.

Trucks will spend the next twelve hours, plowing and sanding the streets for anyone who chooses, against the advice of officials, to try in drive in these conditions.

Ukeisha Baskerville's trip to the store in her non-four wheel drive sedan, included a lot of slipping and sliding.

At times it's difficult to tell if you're driving on pavement or a pure sheet of ice.

"It's a little scary," she said. "I planned to come out just for a little while and go back in. I wasn't planning on being out here too long."

Jason Wilhoit had to borrow an SUV to make it to the store.

"The main roads are decent," he said. "There are still some areas that aren't good at all. The back roads and the neighborhoods aren't good at all. They're very bad."

We're in a parking lot and the pavement behind me looks like a skating rink.

When the road looks like this, VDOT crews put down a salt mixture to melt the ice.

But officials tell us with temperatures below 20 degrees, the salt mixture won't react effectively.

VDOT continues to ask people to stay at home if at all possible.

Wilhoit is trying to get there.

"Four wheel drive and driving slow," he said. "taking it easy, being careful, kind of watching other drivers. Kind of being defensive if anything."

after just 20 minutes in the store, Asheville returned to a car with doors frozen shut.

Now she has a special request for mother nature.

"Bring sun and warm weather," she said.

VDOT officials say as soon as the sun comes up Sunday and the temperatures get above 20 degrees, crews will go back out to put sand on the roads to melt anything that froze overnight.

They'll also go back out and touch up the interstates and primaries and hit those neighborhood roads, as well.

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