Getting ahead of the storm, VDOT hits the roads again

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - It's a difficult night to get around. Highways are backed up as traffic waits for VDOT crews to get by. Secondary roads are messy with ice and melting snow. VDOT officials say road conditions are very deceptive for drivers.

"They see wet pavement they think oh, ok it's just rain, but in fact the temperature is at, or below freezing which makes it more slippery, slushy, or in some areas ice," said Dawn Eischen, VDOT spokesperson.

VDOT officials say last week, snow fell on dry payment giving drivers more traction on the roads.

"In this, it's more like driving on ice," said Eischen.

All VDOT crews are on high alert tonight. And while road crews are out on the streets, operators are keeping a close eye on the traffic through their 28 cameras.

The camera monitor shows a bird's eye view of almost everything that's going on, on Richmond highways. And when the interstates look accident free and plowed, road crews can then shift their attention on roads with less traffic.

"Their priorities are the interstates, the primary routes, bridges, overpasses, but yes when they can they have applied sand and salt to the secondaries," said Eischen.

VDOT worries folks out tonight may be driving faster than they should. All the precautions from last week's storm applies tonight as well, so be careful out there.

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