Richmond towing cars parked in snow zones

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The City of Richmond is working to better clear the streets when it snows and will remove the thing that's most likely to get in their way: your car. They're enforcing their snow emergency route no parking zone to make way for snow plows.

"We're encouraging individuals not to park on the designated snow routes," said Department of Public Works director, Dexter White. "We don't want to tow but if need be it may be one of the alternatives we take."

Alicia Moro just parked her car in one of the snow route no parking zones. While she missed the signs posted she doesn't see any other parking options.

"I guess if just if there were more places to move our cars to so they can plow that would definitely be helpful so then they could just move their car they can plow it and we can come back," said Moro.

Signs are littered through downtown Richmond city streets. And if they have to tow your car to make room for snow plows it could cost you. The cost for towing is about $65 depending on the day you retrieve it.

To avoid the fee don't park on any of the 18 restricted areas including Broad Street between Belvidere and 2nd, Main Street between 21st and Belvidere and Cary Street between Laurel and 10th. These routes are enforced whenever snow removal is necessary.

Permanently Signed Snow Emergency Routes:

1) Broad Street (both sides), between Belvidere Street and 2nd Street
2) Broad Street (south side), between 8th Street and 14th Street
3) Broad Street (north side), between 12th Street and 8th Street
4) 8th Street (west side), between Leigh Street and Cary Street
5) 8th Street (east side), between Broad Street and Main Street
6) 7th Street (east side), between Canal Street and Marshall Street
7) 7th Street (west side), between Canal Street and Broad Street
8) Franklin Street (south side), between Stuart Circle and 9th Street
9) Franklin Street (north side), between Adams Street and 6th Street
10) Main Street (south side), between 25th Street and Belvidere Street
11) Main Street (north side), between 21st Street and Belvidere Street
12) Cary Street (south side), between Laurel Street and 10th Street
13) Cary Street (south side), between 13th Street and 14th Street
14) Cary Street (south side), between Thompson Street and Boulevard
15) Marshall Street (south side), between Belvidere Street and 5th Street
16) Semmes Avenue (both sides), between 19th Street and Forest Hill Avenue
17) Mechanicsville Turnpike (both sides), between Fairfield Avenue and Cool Lane
18) Chamberlayne Avenue (both sides), between Westminster Avenue and Azalea Avenue

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