Ashland braces for another foot of snow

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – It's not quite out with the old, in with the new in Ashland tonight. Snow is just keeps piling up, and opinions seem to vary as much as the snowflakes.

"I love it. Kids out of school and out having fun, so let it be what it be," said David Anderson, Hanover County resident.

"I'm done I don't want to see anymore. I'm ready to move to Florida no joke. I've had enough," said resident Jerome Fields.

There are snow piles in Ashland more than 15 feet high. There's still snow under here from the first storm in December. Businesses are now getting creative making sure you can see they're still here.

The Iron Horse restaurant is offering 20 percent off to customers wearing snow boots.

"Ah... We have seriously had enough. We've had enough of the snow. It has been detrimental to business," said Marti Glave, Iron Horse Restaurant.

The past two storms have forced the business to close twice, on key nights; Friday and Saturday.

"We tried last Saturday we opened for lunch for a few hours and then we ended up closing down after that," said Iron Horse General Manager Charles Cannon.

The kids are prepared; getting the best vantage point for this latest storm. Emergency personnel are little less enthused.

"Well it can be taxing... But we are prepared," said Hanover County Fire Captain Joe Sposa.

They've barely had a break from last weekend.

"Just in the past few days we finally got all the streets cleaned off," said Ashland Police Lt. James Shelhorse.

Now they are bracing for another long night.

"Making sure all our power tools are operational in case we have any incidents where we have trees down. Power down," said Sposa.

Making sure residents are safe from the seemingly never-ending winter weather.

"Just try to do the best with it. Enjoy it the best I can and just try to stay prepared," said Matthew Wood, Hanover resident.

Hanover County has prepared its emergency operations center in case it needs to open, but that would only be if this storm takes out power and people need shelter, heating and medical supplies.

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