Report: No breach of security at RIC

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There was a scare at Richmond International Airport this morning as authorities were called to the scene to address a suspicious bag on the tarmac.

Virginia State Police and Henrico County Police responded to the airport along with Henrico Fire crews.  The airport terminal didn't close and flights were running normally.

Passengers on US Airways Flight 3248 to Philadelphia thought a bag left outside the plane seemed odd to them. The cockpit called it in and state police responded with a bomb sniffing dog. The plane was checked and was delayed 45 minutes.

One original report from an airport spokesman said a threat was made by a passenger on a plane around 7:45 this morning.

"It initially came in, of course this gets everybody's attention, it came in as a bomb threat," says airport spokesman Troy Bell.

That caused a quick response by airport, TSA and area police, along with a bomb sniffing dog. turns out, that bag was noticed at first by a passenger on the jetway, unattended. Then, that same passenger noticed the same bag on the luggage belt, not moving anywhere by itself.

Matthew Greyard captured the whole event on his camera and shared his pictures with NBC12.

For a short period of time, no passengers were not allowed to go through security at Terminal B.

"A bit of a scene but as far as chaos, I think it was the passengers waiting at the screening that were the most curious," says Troy Bell.

"I think people should be suspicious. You never know. Everyone's lives are in hand," adds Greyard.

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