Richmond prepares for winter storm

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After much criticism from residents about snow and ice covered streets days after the last storm, the City of Richmond is hoping to change things this time around.

"We had 52 plows last time, 52 pieces of equipment on the street," said Department of Public Works director, Dexter White. "This time we'll be in the 60 range. 60 to 62 pieces of equipment."

Those pieces of equipment are all lined up and ready to go. The Department of Public Works hopes to have all roads in the city, primary and secondary, passable within 4 days after the storm.

Working with Emergency Management helped the DPW decide to treat city streets Friday morning instead of Thursday. This is so pre-storm rain won't wash the salt and sand away.

"We're in a hot mode right now," said Anthony McLean, with Emergency Management. "We have all the equipment ready to go. Tomorrow morning we will make the decision if we are going to bring our folks in here."

In order to clear all roads in a timely matter, cars parked on the side of the street should be moved to allow room for the plows to get through.

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