Flights canceled ahead of Friday's winter storm

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - If you're supposed to fly out of Richmond Friday, there's a good chance the winter weather will keep your plane grounded. It all depends on what time you leave.

Already, nearly a dozen flights scheduled for  Friday have been pre-canceled. As we've seen in the past two storms, that number could double even triple very quickly.

On the eve of yet another snow storm, many air travelers considered themselves very lucky.

"We're just headed back to Dallas it's where I'm from so it's good to get out ahead of the weather," said Bill Stewart.

Most early morning flights Friday should get out on time. But by mid-morning, air travel will be dicey.

"I think if you've got something late afternoon or later departures 7:30 or 8 o'clock I don't think the odds are good," said Airport Spokesman Troy Bell.

Hours before the storm, airport snow removal teams will be on duty pre-treating ramps and roads. Plows will be ready to clear runways.

"We basically reloaded with sand and salt to the tune of $150,000 earlier this week and we had not budgeted to that extent," said Bell.

Late Thursday, the airlines were helping travelers with their flights out of Richmond but by this time Friday afternoon they might be helping travelers with rebooking their weekend flights.

"The airlines are being pretty liberal about rebooking policies and wavers and travelers should probably take a look at their options there," said Bell.

Linda Arford left Richmond for home.

"I'm from Minnesota so I'm pretty used to this so I'd be amazed if we didn't get out," said Arford.

Her advice for those with trips scheduled this weekend.

"Stay home build a fire in the fireplace and watch the Super Bowl," said Arford.

There was about a 90 percent cancellation rate during last weekend's storm. So be sure to check with your airline for any changes with your flight.

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