Schools open, bus drivers taking it easy on roads

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- School is back in session and many of them got to school on buses this morning. But, those buses were taking it very slow on the roads, to make sure those kids made it to school, safely.

Amy Johnson made some changes this morning at her child's bus stop. "I actually parked in front of them so I could watch cars coming by to make sure I had a barrier to protect them."

Protect them, from the snow piles, some of them very large, as well as the somewhat icy conditions on the side roads.

"The roads weren't plowed very well so I worry about the snow drifts and make sure the kids don't stand in the streets," says Johnson.

We caught several buses just rolling right along on the main roads, though some of these side roads were a little dicey.

Mom of two Voncier Holmes says today was the right day to send the kids back to school, and while some buses may be later coming home, she thinks everything will go smooth.

"Most kids have cell phones like my daughter does and they'll text me and let me know when they are on the bus," says Holmes.

It's those bus drivers that are thinking one thing: safety. "I'm just being extra careful and extra watchful and slow," says Anne-Marie Alexander. "The back roads are like this (icy). It's a little hairy."

The two hour delay in many school districts allowed some of the ice to melt, but there were still some challenges.

Henrico County school leaders told parents buses will give kids a little extra time to get to the bus since some may have to walk a little further to their stop.

Slow and steady is the plan for the day and that's perfectly fine with most.

"I think the drivers are going to be careful. They know they have precious cargo!" exclaims Holmes.

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