Schools prepare to reopen after snow closings

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Henrico County Public School classrooms me have sat vacant for days. With students returning with a 2-hour delay Thursday, school officials want parents to know they waited to make sure the roads are clear enough for bus drivers to safely navigate.

Orrin Jones breathed a sigh of relief as he is able to once again put his kids on the school bus Thursday morning.

"Happy, glad, three days here with the kids, wow," he reacted to the news.

It wasn't a decision the school district made lightly. Spokesperson Mychael Dickerson said there are a lot of factors weighed in choosing among canceling classes, opening for regular hours or delaying the school start time.

"With the temperatures warming up a little bit after two hours in the morning and then not as many cars being on the road, those are the reasons we do the delay," said Dickerson.

With plows finally making progress clearing neighborhood roads, Jones said he's confident his kids will be safe on the school bus.

"A lot of the roads were still a little shaky," said Jones. "They've finally cleared up a lot so I think they're making good decisions."

That decision will also take some work for parents and children. Snow piles still line the side of some streets, school officials want to make sure kids aren't waiting for the bus in the road.  They also don't want kids standing in those piles. Drivers will give students more time to walk just a little farther to the bus.

As you plan your day, Dickerson said there's one important thing to keep in mind.

"Our bus drivers are going to take their time, that's the first and foremost. Safety is their top priority," he said. "So, in some situations you may see buses a little later than normal because they're taking their time to make sure we get the kids to and from school safely."

Students will be dismissed at their regular times. As drivers are taking extra precautions on the slippery roads, kids may make it home a little later than usual.

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