INTERVIEW: Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling discusses new role

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The new administration of governor Bob McDonnell is making the focus of its early days jobs and the economy.

To that end, the governor has tasked his Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling with focusing on improving the Commonwealth's economic conditions.

Bolling joined NBC12 on First at Four. See the video at right for the full interview.

Q: Lets talk about the snow. Today was the third day of school closings in the metro Richmond area, even though the snow stopped falling early Sunday morning. Do you think state government needs to work with local governments to re-evaluate the way Virginia deals with snow storms?

Q: You are going to meet with Virginians as part of the Times-Dispatch's Public Square forum. You have already spent time in economically depressed parts of the state, like the southwest, what are you learning from average people about the state of the economy?

Q: You and Bob McDonnell talked a lot about making the size of government smaller. If you want government to be smaller, than how can you take the lead in turning things around?

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