Noise monitoring test at Fort A. P. Hill

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FORT A.P. HILL, VA (WWBT) – An alert tonight for residents who live near Fort A. P. Hill. Hundreds of explosives are set to be detonated this week.

A public information meeting is scheduled to discuss the issue. Problem is residents say they weren't notified.

No one at the post would talk about the meeting but community members and county leaders had plenty to say.

"It's spotted notification. I have another engagement. I can't go with less than 24 hours notice. It's ridiculous," said Bobby Popowicz, a board supervisor member for Port Royal.

It's a controversial issue; a proposed increase in explosive ordnance disposal, or EOD, training at Fort A. P. Hill.

"When they're blowing things up the windows shake," said resident Tommy Morse.

To replicate what it could possible sound like with additional explosives training at the post more than 300 shots are planned over a 7 day period beginning on Thursday.

"A little noise won't hurt anybody," said county resident Dora Cunningham.

Late Monday evening, the Fort A. P. Hill announced a public meeting on the issue.

But some residents say such short notice on an important and highly debated issue is unfair.

County leaders say there are plenty of questions from residents about the proposal.

"We want to know how it's going to impact the lives of citizens, plus economically, property values and the environment, ' said Popowicz.

In the past, representatives at Fort A. P. Hill have said those questions were answered.

The move to increase EOD training is part of the base realignment and closure or BRAC. It proposes relocating all heavy EOD field training from Fort Lee to Fort A. P. Hill.

Today, A. P. Hill had no comment of why notices went out so late about the meeting or why they were only sent to a few county leaders.

We have more details about that public information meeting. It will get going Tuesday night at seven o'clock. It'll take place at the Virginia Guard Armory off Route 301 in Caroline County. If you have any questions about the meeting contact Fort A. P. Hill at 633-8324

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