Businesses struggle with snow-covered roads

By Matt Butner - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Business owners are among those complaining about snow removal in Richmond. The snow and ice have restricted access to many shops and restaurants in the city.

The problem was illustrated on Franklin Street in Shockoe Bottom - an SUV stuck, its wheels spinning against the ice.

"It's kind of hard to do business with the ice on the ground, because customers come in, park and get stuck- so they don't want to come down," said Leon Brunson, who works at the nearby Franklin Supermarket.

"Would you come down here and park? Bring your nice car down here and park? I wouldn't," he added.

After a few minutes, Leon joined a team effort to try to free the SUV from the road's icy grip. Around the corner at Lulu's on 17th Street, business has been slow since the storm hit on Saturday.

"A lot of the State businesses and other businesses have been closed, and also the schools being closed, people stay home with their kids," said Megan Sommers, who works at Lulu's.

With the flow of customers already reduced to a trickle, icy, slick roads only add to the problem.

"People come off the main road, which is clear, and they come on here and start slipping and sliding," observed Megan.

The city plans to get to these secondary roads by Thursday. A spokesperson for the Department of Public Works says the work is made doubly difficult by the amount of traffic and on-street parking in places like Shockoe Bottom.

Back on Franklin Street, a few extra hands were able to free the stuck SUV, and send it on its way.

While they wait for the roads to be cleared, those workers in Shockoe Bottom say they're glad to help out anyone who gets stuck in the snow.

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