Neighborhood cleanup program underway in Hopewell

By Curt Autry - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) – If you have a car "up on blocks" in your yard or old "junkers" in Hopewell, expect a visit from the Hopewell Police Department volunteers. The city kicked off Operation Clean Sweep Monday.

The Hopewell city council there recently passed several ordinances to address inoperable vehicles, and now a plan is in place to catch offenders. It's called Operation Clean Sweep - a beautification program to clean up neighborhoods - specifically, old cars.  But police volunteers won't just be looking for junkers.

"We'll be looking to see that vehicles are properly inspected and licensed - properly registered,

Properly covered - if that's an issue - and in compliance with the law," said Susan Temple, Hopewell Volunteer Police.

Expect to see Hopewell volunteer officers along with police department "explorers", canvassing neighborhoods in the coming weeks.

The Hopewell council has recently passed an ordinance that levies steep fines for people not in compliance with the new - junk car - rules.

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