Storm forces some government agencies to close

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A number of area residents showed up at government agencies only to find out the offices were closed because of the weather.

It may be hard to believe with all of the alerts informing the public about closures and delays but without fail, we witnessed person after person trying to get into government offices in Chesterfield and Richmond this morning only to be turned away.

Alberto Flores knocked on the windows at the court building in Chesterfield. A security guard told him no business was being conducted today.

"I got a ticket for speeding. I'm scheduled for court today - but it's closed," said Flores.

Stephen Hourst knew something was wrong when he pulled up and saw an empty parking lot.

"I showed up here to get a copy of an accident report. I figured since they plowed all the roads they'd be open," Hourst said.

He traveled more than a half hour to get to the government complex in Chesterfield.

Alberto Espinoza says he's frustrated with himself for not double checking to see if things would be up and running after the winter storm.

"Maybe tomorrow, I'll come back tomorrow," said Espinoza.

It's a similar story in Hopewell.

And in Richmond, a two hour opening delay for city government offices. We did see a few people tug on the front doors of the courts building but no luck. It's not open today.

Some government offices did open their doors bright and early today. It was business as usual. In Henrico the parking lot was packed at the government complex; an image that put a smile on Steve Silencieus' face.

"I was already out so I said let me take a chance - come out and see if they're open and I saw all the cars at the parking lot and said 'yeah. Let me go ahead and handle my business'," said Silencieus.

As for Hourst and others who went to a local agency only to see a "closed" sign, they say, they'll call first before heading back.

You can also find out which schools, businesses, and government agencies are closed by checking our web site at

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