Snow storm's best Send it to 12 photos

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Thank you for all the great photos and video everyone submitted to NBC12's Send it to 12! We've received more than 1,300 images and video, and with school probably out for a couple more days, we're likely to get plenty more.

These photos are just some of the great images from around central Virginia. People playing in the snow, people relaxing, animals enjoying the weather, etc.  Some of the best at the great scenery you've submitted -- showing off Virginia to many who would never get to see such great scenery otherwise!

A special thanks to the many viewers that submitted photos Saturday during the worst of the storm.  We used at least a half-dozen of them online to illustrate the storm in many areas and places our station couldn't reach. Great camera work!

Thanks again, and thank you for choosing WWBT News and

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