VDOT working all day and night to clear roadways

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - VDOT crews are on the roads working to clear them as quick as possible. As of Sunday morning, interstates are in minor to moderate condition. That means they are plowed, but there is still snow on most lanes. You will find only a few lanes that are plowed down to the pavement.

Primary roads under VDOT's control are in the same condition, with roadways plowed but only a few lanes down to the pavement.

Secondary roads handled by VDOT will not be cleared until Sunday night, or Monday.

Drivers are urged to stay off the roads again today to allow the plows to do their job. The sun is helping somewhat. Roads like Midlothian Turnpike are plowed and the sun, along with the cars, are making the roadways slushy.

Remember, temperatures are going to be very cold tonight and that slush is likely to freeze up again.


Original Story, Friday Night:

VDOT trucks are gas'ed up and ready. Once it starts to snow, they'll fill up their trucks with about 7 tons of salt mixture to spray on major roadways. Meanwhile folks around the metro area are also prepping to weather the storm.

The biggest fear people have when the forecast calls for up to 12 inches of snow is how difficult it'll be to get around.

"I can't believe it's even going to snow a second time," said Richmond resident Albert Woolfolk.

So, many folks are getting ready to be snowed in this weekend.

"Filling up my gas tank up, I already made groceries and that's just about it," said Tasha Coles, Richmond resident.

"Of course we got our house stocked with food and so we're ready. We've got plenty of heat and we're prepared for that and if we have to go out we're also prepared for that," said Richmond resident Sharon House.

And Sharon is making sure her gas tank is full. She said she's been keeping an eye out for road crews to help her get around.

"I've already seen the trucks out and they were prepared for the snow we had back just before the Christmas holiday so I was very impressed with that," said House.

During the last major snow storm many cars had a difficult time. Some worry people don't know how to drive in the snow.

"People aren't used to snow here in this region and you have to get practice driving in the snow," said Woolfolk.

But with or without practice...the snow is coming.

"I survived the last one I can survive this one," Coles said.

VDOT says crews are working 12 hour shifts around the clock, throughout the weekend.

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