Delivery drivers take on winter storm

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you're snowed in because of a winter storm the easiest option for food is to call and have something delivered. Unfortunately for most food delivery businesses this is a time when they lose the most money.

"As soon as we have the initial precipitation, I will stop the delivery service," said Nuccio's Pizza owner, Nuccio Jiambanco.

Jiambanco is keeping an eye on the weather all day Saturday. His store is normally open from 11am till 11pm, but depending on how much snow we get, they may not even open at all. This is frustrating for most restaurants that rely on deliveries to make money.

"We can't go to big areas," said Eat Rice owner, Eric Yang. "Just like around here like half a mile to 1 mile."

While most restaurants plan to err on the side of caution, others plan to get food to customers and make a profit on what's expected to be a busy day.

"I'm here to make money," said Gino's Pizza owner, John Picone. "I'm here to serve. I've been here almost 23 years and what am I going to do at home?"

Picone, let's his drivers choose when it's too dangerous to go out on a delivery but plans to deliver pizza's himself no matter how many inches accumulate. During a snowstorm his number of deliveries doubles and as long as his customers are hungry...

"I'll still be here," adds Picone.

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