Driver sentencing verdict ‘no fine, no time'

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A guilty verdict Wednesday night in a Richmond murder trial but the jury says it wasn't a case of murder. Instead, the jury convicted 25-year-old Eric Driver of voluntary manslaughter in the April 2009 death of a suspected thief.

The sentencing verdict is "no fine, no time." Eric Driver will not have to serve a day in prison nor will he be forced to pay a fine.

He was accused of shooting and killing Jamal Hollman last April in the Union Hill neighborhood. Driver said Hollman was wearing a mask and attempted to break into his girlfriend's car.

After deliberating for an hour, a jury recommended that he serve no time and be fined nothing even though he was guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

After leaving court, Driver and his family were overjoyed with the jury's decision. He said he's blessed and ready to move forward.

"Just trying to figure out how I'm going to restart my life now -- considering what has happened -- and try to build from it," Driver said.

Driver's next step is to try to get back into school. He was just about to graduate from Virginia Union University when this all happened. His attorney says he will try to talk to the university so he can take his final exams.

Although he won't serve jail time, he does have the voluntary manslaughter conviction on his record -- that's a felony.

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