Student charged with assaulting classmate

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DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) – A 14-year- old student is accused of sexually assaulting a fellow classmate. The alleged attack happened inside a classroom at Dinwiddie Junior High School.

The Dinwiddie Sheriff's Office says the 8th grader faces one felony count of aggravated sexual battery in connection to the incident. Today, we spoke with the victim and her family.

"He started messing with me, trying to put me up against the wall. He had my hands in the air in a diamond shape over my head. He had his hands down my pants," said the alleged victim. Her parents asked we not reveal her identity.

"I was telling him to get off me to stop. He tried to pick me up twice but I got loose. He did bite me on my arm," said the alleged victim.

Police say the teen was physically and sexually assaulted by a classmate Friday afternoon. Her parents are looking for answers.

"You wouldn't send your children over to somebody's house to spend the night you didn't trust - same with school you trust they're taken care of," said parent Emmette Fletcher.

The teen says her teacher was in a separate section of the classroom. She says the instructor heard and saw the commotion and yelled for the boy to stop. The teen says she reported the incident to her guidance counselor who then told the principal and that's when police got involved.

In a statement the acting superintendent of schools, David Clark says, "We take the safety and welfare of our students seriously. Violence in our schools will not be tolerated. There is an internal, as well as, a police investigation into the matter."

"If it can happen at a school in Dinwiddie County, where there are a lot of good people, then it can happen anywhere," said Fletcher.

As for the alleged victim, "I'm just trying to put it in the back of my mind so it doesn't impact how I'm thinking at school."

He acting superintendent of schools wouldn't say whether the charged student has been suspended. The alleged victim says the boy has not been in school since the incident.

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