INTERVIEW: Superintendent outlines budget cuts

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield's school superintendent is holding a press conference on proposed cuts to next year's school budget.

A lot of things are on the chopping block as the school system deals with a $50-million deficit.

Our education expert, Doctor Bill Bosher is here to talk about the difficult choices Chesterfield faces.

See the video at right for the full interview.

Q: Chesterfield has already closed a middle school. They are shuffling students around the district. The superintendent is taking a pay cut - will instruction at this school be much different next year than it is this year?

Q: We often hear threats about the loss of teachers and staff. We are still learning the full impact of this budget, but is it a real possibility that people will lose their jobs in Chesterfield?

Q: Most believe this economic situation is temporary, but it could take time to recover. Even if times get better, could it take some time to recoup the damage that the economy has done to this district?

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