Heavy Rains Cause Messy Morning Commute


RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) --- Heavy rain is causing a lot of problems on our area roadways today, including huge puddles and massive potholes.

About an inch or more of rain fell overnight, with some heavy downpours just before the busy rush hour commute.

Now, the typically flood-prone areas are seeing deep puddles that could affect your morning commute.

Another problem was the wind. That caused a lot of debris to scatter across the roads, including tree limbs and leaves.

Potholes were also a problem today, as they were hard to see, filled with all of the rain. We're told from VDOT that since last month, they have been working to fill those holes on the main and interstates first.

If you see a pothole, you can call VDOT at (800) 367-ROAD or call 311 if you are in the City of Richmond.